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Personal Training and Pilates in Milton Keynes


As a personal trainer it is all about working towards your goals and needs, motivating you all the way. Whether you want to drop a dress or suit size, improve your strength and muscle tone, gain more body confidence, improve your core stability, flexibility or balance and posture. Fitness should be fun and tailored to you so you do not get bored and give up, not reaching your goals.

I want to make fitness fun, enjoyable and motivate you so you will achieve results. With the right approaches and techniques your goals will be possible. I use a variety of approaches to achieve results in my clients from using suspension training, pad work or outdoor training, to stretching and dance based fitness sessions. It all depends on what is right for you.

Gyms can be scary intimidating places, especially for beginners or ladies. It can seem like everyone knows exactly what they are doing and judging you for not being fit enough. We all know fitness and exercise is good for us but it can all seem rather daunting. But it need not be this way. With a little knowledge about what works for you and being shown fun new exercises, the gym or training generally can be a much more enjoyable experience.