Personal Training in your Home or Garden

I have extensive experience training a wide variety of people in many different settings. I have worked out of gyms for many years and alongside some of the top personal trainers in the country. I have had the opportunity to learn a lot both from experts in their field in the world of health and exercise and from the clients I have trained. I have worked in London at Third Space, a high-end luxury gym, as well as in and around Milton Keynes and Bedford.

I have also been training people at home for a long time now and seen how, although I have worked with the fanciest equipment, good basic training is the key to reaching peoples’ goals. Also, Personal Training can easily be done at home – inside or outside. Consistency, knowledge and getting the most out of every exercise is the answer. So much can be done simply using body weight and small equipment, and this is what I want to teach everyone. I am a great believer in exercising for health. This is why my combined approach of Pilates and PT works so well, exercising to get the most out of your body and keep it pain free. 

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