Pilates in your Home or Garden

I trained in Pilates at Pilates Advanced Training School. I am a qualified Level 3 Pilates Classical Matwork trainer and I am trained in the use of Pilates equipment.

One to One Pilates sessions in your home


Pilates is for everyone, old or young, whether you are an experienced athlete or new to exercise. Pilates provides an all round training program that strengthens and stretches the body in a non-impact way. It balances the body by uniformly developing muscle groups and increasing strength and endurance.

The many benefits of Pilates include improving posture, helps to prevent injury, increases flexibility, tones stomach and waist, improves strength and muscle tone, increases endurance, reduces stress, helps to reduce back pain, boosts immune system, increases bone density, mobilises joints, improves bodies circulatory system, coordination, core and balance.

What is Pilates

Pilates was devised by Joseph Pilates, a pioneer in fitness training. Although he was not a dancer himself, many of the early Pilates teacher were dancers and many dancers at the time did Pilates to help with injures. Today Pilates is part of the training of many professional dancers, including myself, but is also used by many professional sports people, such as cyclists, skiers, weight trainers, runners, tennis players, boxers, cricket and football players.

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