“The level of fitness I have achieved as well as the improvement in my energy levels and general wellness is pretty much entirely due to the personal attention, motivation and encouragement given to me by Anna during my training sessions with her over the last 4 years – I would recommend her as a personal trainer in a heartbeat. Each session is carefully planned and tailored specifically for my needs whether this is general fitness, toning, or to help with any stress/posture related injuries I have picked up from sitting at a desk all day! Anna clearly puts a lot of time and thought into designing each session just for me, so that they are challenging but also varied and huge fun. For the first time, I actually look forward to coming to the gym!”

“Thank you for being my personal Pilates trainer for just over a year now. It is so important to find the right person for one on one training. I consider myself lucky to have you. You have made it your mission to understand me and my old body and you have been a constant source of encouragement and I appreciate your lasting patience. I really enjoy and look forward to our sessions and always feel better and brighter afterwards. I totally trust your skill and judgement regarding my capabilities and very much look forward to sharing with you my improvements through 2018. I also want to thank you for going the extra mile by providing tailor made exercises for holidays and general homework.”

“Choosing to train with Anna was one of the greatest decisions I have ever made. During my time with Anna she taught me a lot of things and helped me to achieve things that I thought I could never do, and things that I was told I would never be able do. Anna was always very supportive and understanding, very patient and is one of the most pleasant people I have met. Because of Anna I am more inspired and determined than ever. Training with Anna doesn’t just help you work towards achieving your goals and getting results, but it builds your confidence and makes you realise that you can achieve more than you ever thought you could.”

“I really enjoyed my sessions with Anna, she is very enthusiastic and driven to help you achieve your goals. She is very motivating and helped me realise that I am capable of a lot more than I thought I was. I found our sessions were the perfect balance between challenging and achievable – Anna knows exactly when to push you harder or when you are at your limit. All the sessions were well prepared and tailored to me, by working out the muscles that would help me best accomplish my goal of losing weight and toning up. If I ever move to Milton Keynes I would love to start doing sessions with Anna again!”

“Anna did a superb job helping me train for the Virgin London Marathon in April 2013. We started in the autumn of 2012 by identifying better balance, flexibility and whole body strength as three things that would help me get to the finish line injury free. Anna brings her experience of dance, Pilates and fitness training to the work she does with clients – which gives her an excellent understanding of what clients need to develop holistic fitness. We met regularly and because I wanted to make the most of her background we did routines that combined ballet moves (some of which I found especially challenging and left me with huge respect for ballet dancers), with more traditional floor based fitness, Pilates and flexibility routines. I am sure I looked better after having worked with Anna, but more importantly I felt better (including my posture, flexibility and freedom of movement), giving me the confidence that I would rise to the challenge of the 26.2 mile run. I had a great time on marathon day, had no problems whatsoever and recovered quickly after the race. Anna listens well, and is both challenging and very conscious of working out safely. Her combined set of skills and qualities means she is able to provide much more than an average gym trainer. I highly recommend her, and will certainly continue to use her to help me reach my fitness goals.”
Peter Robbins